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"We  cannot just sit and watch an entire generation of Syrian children descend into illiteracy and lose their chance at an independent future after the war.“  

(Jaqueline Flory, Founder)


200.000 Syrian children are living in refugee camps in the Lebanese Bekaa-Valley, without a chance of attending school. Instead of learning how to read and write, many have to work in the fields for many hours of the day. That is the reason why beginning of 2016, the Munich-born Jaqueline Flory partnered with the teachers and parents of Tumblinger Elementary School and founded the organization Zeltschule e.V. („Tent School“ )


The motivating idea is as simple as it is captivating: The girls and boys are to be taught by local teachers in basic tent schools right inside of the camps. And in order to make up for the loss in labor force, the organization supports the parents with food and water. Today, about 800 children are receiving daily lessons in five such tent schools. By the end of the year, that number should reach 1000.



We were immediately impressed by this initiative and have decided to build the Phoenix Tent School in one of the refugee camps in the Bekaa-Valley, and finance it for at least two to three years. On July 15th 'our' school opened its doors. 180 to 200 children are currently attending this new school.


Yehya Alfaress, a math and physics teacher from Holms, says: „A school means that life comes back to us, that we can have hope for a better future for our children. It is a silver lining at the horizon.” Let us ensure that as many kids as possible in the refugee camps are able to see this lining.



To maintain the school and finance the classes we need your support!


The construction costs amounted to about 8000 Euros. This includes the foundation, wood, tarps, as well as the initial equipment such as furniture, carpets, and heating. In order to fund the school for one year - including schooling materials, wages for the teachers, water and food for the families and general maintainance - we need additional 28.000 Euros. 


For further information, visit: http://www.zeltschule.de

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